Voices Of Women

“Amazing storytelling and beautiful harmony. It was perfect.” -Phyllis B.
“The songs were beautiful and well performed.” -Betty K.
“Ter and Wendy were interesting, fun and extremely talented!” -Karen L.

Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to live a woman’s life in the days of the Old Testament? Join us for an exciting evening as we journey back in time to discover the powerful messages that await us from the women of Torah.

Through these interactive performances by our talented performers, we see an exciting portrayal of our ancestors; the history they inspired and the joys and sorrows they endured. We will bring their stories to life, and gain insight from long ago as it applies in today’s world.

We seek to provide a renewed understanding of ourselves and other females with the perspective of the greatest women to ever live as powerful and complex females. There will be dancing, singing, reading and weeping as we share their struggles and triumphs, as well as their sorrow and joy. There could even be fascinating awakenings within your mind and soul as you participate with us.

These exciting performances include:

Talented Performers – Fascinating Characters – Compelling narrative 

Audience involvement – Text interpretation – Evocative music and dance – Original songs

Some of the Voices of Women Show Titles we perform are:

Women of Light – Ani Miriam – The Bad Girls of the Bible – and many others!

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This fun-filled evening is perfect for Sisterhoods, Chavurah, Hadassah, and any other gathering of women. Please contact us at (818) 599-9114 to allow us the opportunity to take you on a fantastic discovery of understanding female power and complexity.

Eve and the snake

Sarah and Hagar